Yumin Suh

Yumin Suh

E-mail: yumin (at) nec-labs.com
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I am a researcher at NEC Labs America. Before joining NEC, I worked as a postdoctoral researcher at Seoul National University under the supervision of Bohyung Han and Kyoung Mu Lee. I completed my PhD at Seoul National University in 2019 under the supervision of Kyoung Mu Lee. I have a broad interest in computer vision and machine learning. Especially, my current research focuses on learning representations for multiple tasks.

Selected Publications (More)

Learning Semantic Segmentation from Multiple Datasets with Label Shifts

Dongwan Kim, Yi-Hsuan Tsai, Yumin Suh, Masoud Faraki, Sparsh Garg, Manmohan Chandraker, Bohyung Han
ECCV 2022 [arXiv]

Controllable Dynamic Multi-Task Architectures

Dripta Raychaudhuri, Yumin Suh, Samuel Schulter, Xiang Yu, Masoud Faraki, Amit K. Roy-Chowdhury, Manmohan Chandraker
CVPR 2022 (Oral) [arXiv] [Project page]

Cross-Domain Similarity Learning for Face Recognition in Unseen Domains

Masoud Faraki, Xiang Yu, Yi-Hsuan Tsai, Yumin Suh, Manmohan Chandraker
CVPR 2021 [Paper]

Learning to Optimize Domain Specific Normalization for Domain Generalization

Seonguk Seo, Yumin Suh, Dongwan Kim, Geeho Kim, Jong-Woo Han, and Bohyung Han
ECCV 2020 [Paper]

Stochastic Class-based Hard Example Mining for Deep Metric Learning

Yumin Suh, Bohyung Han, Wonsik Kim, and Kyoung Mu Lee
CVPR 2019 [Paper]

Part-Aligned Bilinear Representations for Person Re-identification

Yumin Suh, Jingdong Wang, Siyu Tang, Tao Mei and Kyoung Mu Lee
ECCV 2018 [Paper] [Supp] [Code] [Poster]

Work Experience

Researcher at NEC Labs America. 2019.12 - present

Postdoctoral researcher at Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea. 2019.4 - 2019.11
Advisors: Bohyung Han, Kyoung Mu Lee

Research Intern at Microsoft Research Asia (MSRA), Beijing, China. 2016.9 - 2017.5
Advisors: Tao Mei, Jingdong Wang

Research Intern at WILLOW, Inria, Paris, France. 2014.12 - 2015.6
Advisors: Jean Ponce, Minsu Cho

Academic Services

Area Chair or Senior Program Committee

IJCAI 2021, AAAI 2022, ACCV 2022

Program Committee

ACCV 2020, CVPR 2019-2022, ECCV 2020-2022, ICCV 2019-2021, ICPR 2020, MM 2017, WACV 2021
AAAI 2020-2021, ICLR 2021-2022, ICML 2020-2022, IJCAI 2022, NeurIPS 2021-2022

Journal Reviewer